Saturday, December 15, 2007

The white house is painted with lead

Honestly, it makes me want to vomit. All of a sudden, the media is covering the issue of Lead Paint, and how it affects children.  The dangers of lead based paint have been known for decades, and lead paint has been in existence even longer.  In fact, as far back as the late 1800's, there are stories documented about how sick dogs became from lead paint poisoning- lead based paint, which is thought to withstand the elements better than other paints, was often used to color outdoor dog houses.  There have been thousands of cases in the court systems brought by children and their families against landlords for failing to abate lead based paint from apartment houses.  Still, even in the most egregious of cases, there are no cases holding landlords, toy manufacturers, or anyone else, criminally responsible.  Quite the contrary: building insurance companies now specifically disclaim coverage right in their policies for any claims brought by children affected by lead based paint.  This leaves even kids so severely affected by lead paint that they cannot speak, nor maintain their bodily functions, without any recourse whatsoever.  And you can forget the toy companies. Countries such as China and Mexico, where the toys are manufactured and then covered with toxic paint, protect such profiteers.  Take a gander at this article.  

The brain damage caused by lead paint is irreversible.  The lead based paint tastes "sweet", further urging kids to eat even more of it.  Children naturally put things in their mouth anyway, called pica.  But why should any of this matter, when the politicians need something new to embrace in order to create appeal.  Trust me on this one- its going to be a major presidential campaign point. The flames of american nationalism will be fanned.  You will hear how bad foreign countries are towards our american children.  Strangely ironic, though, the statistics show that the vast majority of kids affected by lead are undocumented immigrants.  

I'm conducting some empirical research studies on the issue myself using my own children as subjects.  On occasion, I feed them large doses of matzoh ball soup.  To date, they have not shown any affects of lead based paint.  It seems that Jewish Penicillin is a vaccine against lead paint poisoning.  Who knew? If any of the presidential candidates happen to mention my work, I hope they remember the little people.  

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