Monday, January 12, 2009

People are childish

I think I'm going to throw something through my TV if i have to see that Lexus car commercial where the guy in it has a rambling monologue comparing his new lexus to the Big Wheels toy he got when he was a kid. I would rather just see a copule of views of the car and some statement saying "get this car... it will make you feel like you were a kid again." Or show some nut job driving the car across a high school lawn doing donuts, and drag racing- "this car will make you feel like a kid again."

Everyone likes to try to feel like a kid again. That's why we eat ice cream, and go on amusement park rides. If there was some way for me to feel like a kid while being an attorney, I'm sure I would love my job as much as I do volunteering in EMS/Fire. But right now, I haven't found much that beats the adrenaline rush of going from zero to 100 when a call comes in, and the feeling of satisfaction and comraderie I get after a job well done with a patient or at a fire. My baby sweetheart princess and my power ranger son are always doing kid things- splashing in puddles outside, playing in mud, you know, doing things that 4 and 5 year olds just do because they are kids, and they like being kids. My wife and I constantly tell them not do do those things- but what match could our authority possibly be to their feelings of just being a kid?

All the time I spend going to continuing education classes; doing rotations at hospitals and county ambulances; responding to calls, training at the fire service academy, etc. etc. its all about feeling like a kid again. Even for the paid guys around here though, it certainly ain't for the paycheck! Here is what FDNY pays. Cha Ching, baby.  Yah, right. I don't think my wife would have a problem with me becoming a full time paramedic if there was an extra zero at the end of those figures. She still tells me "don't go on the call, Rich," whenever she hears my pager tones sound off.  That's followed by the obligatory "it's too dangerous" or "you're gonna catch something from these sick people" from her. But what she's really saying is, "help me with the laundry instead." Doesn't matter much though. Same thing's happening... such pleas are no match for a chance to be a kid again, if only for a short while. 

A call was toned out this morning. A kid hurt himself when he slipped on ice on his driveway while horsing around.  He loves ice hockey, just didn't want to put on the skates. The mom kept muttering "I kept telling him he was going to get hurt if he kept on doing that".  Mabye he'll learn to be a paramedic later on in life. It's not as painful. 

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