Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is This For You?

No matter who I have met in the EMS field, when I ask them why they went into it in the first place the universal response is something like... "'cuz i like helping people out". And then I listen to the older paramedic generation (who really aren't so old- like 37 or 38) whine about how they are "burnt out".  Hmmmm..... so let me get this straight.... you're 'burnt out' of helping people? Just sounds all like a matter of convenience to me really.  

For some, being in the EMS field just isn't the right job.  Take the guy in this video for example. But if the job isn't for you, it's not as bad to determine that as it is to determine that only AFTER one of your patients is FUBR because of it.  Folks, you can't sprint the entire marathon. 

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