Thursday, November 26, 2009

Save 911 For The Real Emergencies

Attention, all you hot messes!! I'm particularly talking to you, the 23 year old female who called 911 to be taken to the hospital because she was having her period; and also you, the 48 year old male with an infected bunion; and pretty much the entire community comprised of people who don't want to pay for a taxi to the hospital, or ask a friend for a ride. SAVE 911 calls for the real emergencies!

Here are some examples of 911 calls from real people (click on the link and then the play button), most of whom you have seen on TV. I know you all have TV's. Big ones. Really big ones. like at least 55 inch flat screens. And caller ID and immaculately clean pair of the newest Nike's. And a stylish cell phone. Now all you gotta do is feed your kids, get some furniture, and pay your gas and electric bills. Stop making me and the rest of the tax paying world fund your irresponsibility. And stop abusing the EMS system.

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